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A design that transforms experience.

Minimalist styling is not about creating a cold, hard, empty white box of a home. It is about using simple and natural forms, and taking away layers without losing the aesthetic appeal of the space. The focus is on shape, colour and texture, with a minimum of furniture and accessories. - Nicola Holden

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Fityou® TV Stand for TVs Up to 50'' with LED  White - Fit You
Lacquer 125cm TV Stand 50" TV LED 2-Door 1-Glass Shelf
Regular price £179.00 £249.00 Sale price
Fityou® TV Stand for TVs Up to 70'' with LED Grey White Black - Fit You
Lacquer Glass Accent 177cm TV Stand 70" TV LED 2-Door 1-Drawer
Regular price £279.00 £299.00 Sale price
High Gloss and Matt LED Light  2 Doors Cabinet - Fit You
Lacquer 135cm Sideboard Cabinet inbuilt LED 2-Door 1-Drawer 1-Shelf
Regular price £249.00 £349.00 Sale price