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  This terms and conditions(“terms”) only applicable to pre-order order(s) on our website(www.fityouhome.com). Please read these terms carefully before summitting your pre-order order(s). By submitting your pre-order order(s), you’ll be deemded to accpet the legally bound by these terms. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email. (service@fityouhome.com).

  Pre-order is the act of opening sales in advance based on the estimate incoming stock date of item(s). After item(s) arrived at warehouse, we’ll arrange shipment base on order time. Due to the impact of COVID-19, actual shipping date may differ from the estimate date.

  When an order of pre-order/custom item(s) is recieved, we’ll submit it to our factory for production. Generally, it will be shipped within 8 weeks.

About Order Cancellation:

  If you change your mind during the pre-order time and do not want this pre-order product, please contact our customer service team via email(service@fityouhome.com) for order cancellation. The details of order cancellation rules are listed below. Please kindly note that the time frame is base on the date of order creation.

Time Frame Shipping Status Order Cancellation
within 7 days not shipped yes
within 7 days shipped no
from 7th day to shipping date not shipped no
shipping date shipped  please refer to  refund & return policy